Portrait Shots of Caleb and Grace

I decided to take Caleb and Grace in for the first time to a studio - JC Pennys. We take so many of our own and Caleb never smiles for people he doesn't know, so it never seemed worth it to me. Well, Gracie is so smiley and I really wanted some photos of her in one of her first Christmas dresses. And it is hard to take shots at home with Caleb and Grace together since Caleb isn't quite into sitting for a shot. Anyway, I was happy with the photographer a friend had recommended and he has honestly been the first person that Caleb didn't know that he smiled for. The guy was funny, but not overly goofy - perfect for Caleb. Anyways, I was happy to get some great Christmas portraits of the kids.


The Ahlswedes said...

Wow, those did turn out great! Caleb is such a big boy now! so cute!

mb said...

Super cute pictures! -Martha